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D108646GC10 Oracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Workshop

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This Oracle SQL Tuning for Developers Workshop will help you explore Oracle SQL statement tuning. Learn how to write well-tuned SQL statements appropriate for the Oracle database.

Learn To:

  • Interpret execution plans and the different ways in which data can be accessed.
  • Decipher, decide and then apply tuning to SQL code.
  • Use various tuning techniques.
  • Take advantage of bind variables, trace files and use the different types of indexes.
  • Use different access paths for better optimization.
Zagadnienia poruszane podczas szkolenia
  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to SQL Tuning
  • Using Application Tracing Tools
  • Optimizer Fundamentals
  • Generating and Displaying Execution Plans
  • Interpreting Execution Plans and Enhancements
  • Optimizer: Table and Index Access Paths
  • Optimizer: Join Operators
  • Other Optimizer Operators
  • Introduction to Optimizer Statistics Concepts
  • Using Bind Variables
  • SQL Plan Management
  • Workshops

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