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D74942GC40 Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x Administration Ed 4

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The Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x Administration Ed 4 course provides students with the essential information and skills needed to install and administer Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 hardware and software systems. Students are introduced to Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 hardware and software product features, hardware configuration, software installation along with configuration, data service configuration, and system operation. Students will get the opportunity to explore various use cases such as integrating Oracle database 12c as failover application, configuring Oracle Solaris cluster using unified archives.
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  • Describe Oracle Solaris Cluster hardware and software.
  • Establish Cluster node console connectivity.
  • Prepare for the Oracle Solaris Cluster installation.
  • Configure the Oracle Solaris Cluster software.
  • Configure Oracle Solaris Cluster quorum devices and device fencing.
  • Use Cluster commands to administer global properties, quorum, disk paths, and interconnect components.
  • Configure volume management with ZFS and Solaris Volume Manager.
  • Manage the public network with IPMP and link aggregation (trunk aggregation or DLMP).
  • Describe resources and resource groups, configure a failover data service resource group (Network File System [NFS]), and configure a scalable data service resource group (Apache), Advanced Resource Group Relationships.
  • Configure solaris10 branded zone, kernel zones, build zone clusters, migrate scalable application from global zone to zone cluster.
  • Explore Oracle Solaris Cluster use cases.
Zagadnienia poruszane podczas szkolenia
  • Introduction to the course
  • Introducing Oracle Solaris Cluster Hardware and Software
  • Establishing Cluster Node Console Connectivity
  • Preparing for the Oracle Solaris Cluster Installation
  • Configuring the Oracle Solaris Cluster Software
  • Administering Oracle Solaris Cluster
  • Configuring Volume Management With ZFS
  • Configuring Volume Management with Solaris Volume Manager
  • Managing the Public Network
  • Managing Data Services, Resource Groups, and HA-NFS
  • Configuring Scalable Services and Advanced Resource Group Relationships
  • Configuring Oracle Solaris Zones in Oracle Solaris Cluster
  • Exploring Oracle Solaris Cluster Use Cases

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