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EDU-VSWN6 VMware vSphere: What's New [V5.5 to V6]

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VMware vSphere: What’s New is a hands-on training course that explores the newest features and enhancements in VMware vCenter Server™ 6 and VMware ESXi™ 6. Real-world use case deployment scenarios, hands-on lab exercises, and lecture material teach the skills you need to effectively implement and configure VMware vSphere® 6. This class is recommended for customers who want to deploy vSphere 6 into their existing vSphere environment. Students who complete this course will be prepared for more advanced vSphere 6 courses, available at

  • Discuss key enhancements made to vSphere in version 6
  • Discuss new feature and maximum configuration allowances in vCenter Server 6
  • Discuss and configure new ESXi security and account management features
  • Discuss the deployment process of vSphere 6 release products
  • Discuss Platform Services Controller use case scenarios and apply these in vSphere 6 environments
  • Discuss the differences between VMware vSphere® Client™ and VMware vSphere® Web Client in the vSphere 6 release
  • Describe and configure enhancements made to virtual machines in the vSphere 6 release
  • Apply the uses and benefits of VMware vRealize™ Operations Manager™
  • Discuss and apply storage security and policies
  • Discuss and configure storage fault domains
  • Discuss the benefits of and configure virtual volumes
  • Discuss and apply network performance enhancements
  • Describe enhancements to VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™ and VMware vSphere® Storage DRS™ in the vSphere 6 release
  • Discuss and configure cross-vCenter Server systems migration
  • Discuss and apply multiprocessor fault tolerance and VMware vSphere® App HA enhancements
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