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OR_CO12c_SMDC Oracle Coherence 12c: Share and Manage Data in Clusters

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Informacje o szkoleniu
This Oracle Coherence 12c: Share and Manage Data in Clusters training will teach you about Coherence and Coherence development. Oracle Coherence is an in-memory data caching and event engine often referred to as an in-memory data grid solution, designed to seamlessly improve performance, reliability and fault tolerance of Java, .NET and C++ applications.

Updated for 12.2.1: This course has new content about the new features in Coherence 12.2.1.

Benefits to You
Enrolling in this course will help you develop the knowledge to provide your organization with fast access to frequently used data. This will provide scalability for mission-critical applications. You'll become knowledgeable about Oracle Coherence and WebLogic integrations, enabling you to solve real world scalability problems, while improving performance and removing bottlenecks in applications.

Explore Coherence & Application Objects
Expert Oracle University instructors will also teach you which changes need to be made to an application to use Coherence. You'll learn what serialization is and why it is important to scalability, while exploring how Coherence Events and applications can take advantage of events. Furthermore, you'll review how Coherence in-place processing and applications can improve performance.

Coherence & WebLogic Server
Finally, this course will demonstrate how Coherence applications get deployed to WebLogic Server and how Coherence clusters are created and managed in a WebLogic environment. You'll also learn which WebLogic console features are involved in Coherence Server management within a WLS domain.

Learn To:
  • Develop Coherence applications.
  • Install Coherence with and without WebLogic Server.
  • Configure Managed Coherence Servers in a WLS domain.
  • Configure Coherence caches.
  • Query Coherence caches.
  • Develop Grid Archives.
  • Understand the architecture of Coherence and how data is managed in a Coherence cluster.
  • Integrate Coherence with other data sources.
  • Examine Coherence C++ installation and coding basics.
  • Understand how Coherence entities can be exposed as REST (JSON and JAXB) objects.
  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Students should be familar with basic XML constructs
  • Students should be proficient in the Java language
  • Familarity with Eclipse is helpful but not required
  • Knowdlege of JAXB and JSON helpful but not required
Zagadnienia poruszane podczas szkolenia
Course Obiectives
  • Optimize Java entity objects, stored in Coherence caches, using various approaches such as core Java Serializable, ExternalizableLite, and Portable Object Format technique
  • Write Java clients that perform dynamic queries, and use in-place processing across a Coherence data grid(Map Reduce)
  • Implement Coherence event handing using the various eventing models, including Live Events
  • Manage Coherence Clusters in a WLS environment, including developing and deploying Coherence Grid Archives(GARs)
  • Run Coherence cache servers and the cache console
  • Develop Coherence Java entity objects and Java clients, optimized for Coherence
  • Describe, configure, and deploy local, replicated, distributed, and near cache topology architectures
  • Install Coherence in standalone and within WLS environments

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